The article has some excerpts from the 60 Minutes transcript in which she describes her horrific ordeal.  She’ll be on television Sunday Night.

It’s really sad, and I hope that Egyptian activists are speaking up about this over there, including the gentleman she was on her way to interview.

Addendum:  This article has a few more details.

The Egyptian men were hysterical, reportedly shouting, “Jew, Jew.” Logan is not Jewish.

She told the New York Times: “For an extended period of time, they raped me with their hands…What really struck me was how merciless they were.”

“They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence.”

What is also amazing to me is the restraint by which she is exhibiting in reference to her attackers, unlike some of the racist comments attached to many of the articles.  She’s a tough woman, with character.

The assault lasted forty minutes before a group of local women brought soldiers to her aid.

This will be her first and last interview because she doesn’t want the incident to define her.  In other words, there are people out there who will see her as a victim primarily, which is one of the many aspects of rape.