After a heart-breaking one-goal loss in Futsal in Samoa (but my son did score three fantastic goals including his first header on a corner kick), my kids went with friends to the movies and some friends, my wife, and I enjoyed a great meal at Annie’s Cambodian Cuisine in Eureka last night.  We ordered several items recommended in the Journal review, and I recommend all of them, especially the sweet and sour talapia.  Also try the taro smoothie, which is a pretty purple and delish – kind of an exotic tapioca/vanilla flavor, but I say it just tastes like purple.

And the review is right about the pleah – very intricate flavors and unlike anything I’ve tasted before.

Great warm service too.  It was packed last night, so the five of us waited at the bar.  The waitresses were apologetic (like it’s their fault they’re so popular?), and took our orders so we wouldn’t have to wait very long once they had a table for us.  I got to watch them mix up my taro smoothie.  It was quite the operation.

Oh, and five of us filled up for about 60 bucks (not including the tip).  I’m looking forward to trying their lunch specials.

Tucked right between the Sizzler’s and the omelet place at the north end of 5th – give them a try!