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I’m not caught up on the story yet, but I heard some news on NPR today which suggests that Gaddafi may be the next dictator to take the walk.  It sounds like his government is falling apart.  Even his blond Ukrainian adviser has returned home.  Reuters has the latest.

So where does the Muslim Brotherhood type concern fall here?  Is this good news or bad news?

Any good links?

Addendum: The opposition rebellion took the city closest to the capital.  So what does anyone know about the opposition leadership?

And here’s a lefty piece entitled “How Gaddafi became a Western-backed Dictator.” Those of us old enough to remember, throughout the seventies and eighties he had brief flurries of military skirmishes with the US, none of which went well for him.  He seemed to fall into semi-favor in recent years.

This piece suggests that while those military confrontations were lost by the Libyan military, they worked to the benefit of Gaddafi in terms of power consolidation.

Second addendum: Here’s a piece from Marc Cooper on Libya and Latin American leftists – I really miss hearing Radio Nation on Thursday mornings on KMUD, but he tended to piss off the truther/chem trail set so the subscription was canceled.  I love the intro.

Here I am apologizing again. Every time I promise to start blogging again, some Arab nation or another blows apart and sucks me back into work. I’ve been putting in about a 1000 hours a week over at our USC-based Neon Tommy web site and I invite you to take a peek as we have been all over the Libya story (and everything else).

I’ve been fascinated by the Libya story as I had the great displeasure of spending some very brief time in Colonel Gaddafi’s little paradise back in 1973 and I have been waiting a long time to see him get strung upside down from a lamp post.  It’s been great, once again, to have Al Jazeera’s live stream and live blog to stay abreast and I’m sure there’s little I can add to bring much light to this dark subject.

I am obligated, however, to note the wonderful little ironies that have popped up in the sub-culture of The Left, a demi-monde in which I spent a great part of my life.  The Atlantic notes that the blood-soaked dictator is getting virtually NO international support except from a few would-be and has-been dictators down in Latin America.

The rest is almost as good.

Some tragic images from the conflict.

Third addendum: Here’s a video from Tripoli, though it’s about a week old.


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