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I’m a little behind on the story, but when it’s all over I’m sure someone will put together a comprehensive article.  In a nutshell the governor is trying to bust all of the public sector unions.  The unions have taken to the streets (along with students).  The Governor announced “Cairo has come to Wisconsin” (did he really want to make that comparison?)  The bill was pushed in the state legislature where the Republicans hold a majority, but need at least one of the Democrats to have a quorum.  The Democrats left the building.  The governor sent the state police after them.  The Democrats left the state and are holed up somewhere in Illinois.

A more detailed summary.

And a clip of one of the demos.

If anyone has more information than that, please post it.

The solar explosion took place on Monday, and the wave has just arrived.  It could light up the northern skies tonight, and mess up our Internet access among other electrical problems.  And it could blind most of us and render us vulnerable to big carnivorous plants!

This one has been reported to authorities as a threat against Rep. Betty McCullum (D) Minnesota who has suggested that if the Republicans are going to slash so many of the programs they deem unnecessary that maybe seven million bucks for a US Army sticker on a race car isn’t a priority.  NASCAR fans have reacted very negatively, but it will be interesting to see how the debate gets framed.  In the meantime, I’m putting the image of the message she received by facsimile this morning below the fold because it does contain some very offensive language.

TPM has the story.  Click on the picture to enlarge.

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I borrowed this from the KMUD site.  NPR was deemed among the most independent and “balanced” news sources according to the UCLA study conservatives often cite to show liberal medial bias.  And according to FAIR they interview more conservative experts than liberal.  I think they’ve actually tried to pander.  After some conservatives whined about the sexuality in PBS’ Tales of the City, PBS stopped airing it altogether.    The idea of programming without commercial breaks just doesn’t sit well with them, no matter what the content.


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