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It’s hailing outside and the ice is sticking.  The road is solid white.

Addendum: And a white pickup truck just drove by here way too quickly.  Any law enforcement out there?  Locust Street heading south.

Bankruptcy which will lead to the elimination of 30 percent of its stores nationwide.

This might seem like good news for independent bookstores, and short term it may well be.  But with the mass push to buy (or steal) books electronically, publishing and writing may be in trouble as well and they’re losing at least some business from a huge client.  Being the “economic reactionary” that I am who spends enough time staring at an electronic screen, bookstores will have at least me as a client for my lifetime.  I don’t buy much from Borders, preferring to give my business to stores like North Town and the used stores, but I am concerned about this development.

I suspect that the Bayshore Mall will be losing yet another tenant.  Obviously we need to build more malls!  It reminds me of the old political cartoon where the King and his advisers are poring over photos of Humpty Dumpty and the King declares:  “Gentlemen, the fact that all my horses and all my men can’t put him together simply means that I need more horses and more men!”

If Borders does close down, will North Town be the last new book store in the county?  We live in a country which even before the Internet had more gun stores than book stores.  Are we entering a brave new era of communication, or are we on are way down?

This is my favorite story of the day.  Presidential contender Michelle Bachman is slamming Michelle Obama for pushing tax deductions for…… breast pumps.  Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Rep. Bachman breastfed all five of her babies!


Rep. Boehner is in some political hot water today.  Yesterday when it was pointed out that his spending cuts would cost the economy numerous jobs his response was “so be it.”  Turns out that could mean as many as one million jobs, which would be devastating to the economy.  But maybe that’s the point.  The spending cuts are the ends, not the means. Remember the GOP slogan last fall?


Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour won’t comment on a bill to honor the founder of the KKK.  It’s a principled thing.  He doesn’t want to “denounce anybody.”


Stephen Colbert asks Christiane Amanpour – are Egyptians too dumb for Democracy?


A bill in South Dakota, if read literally, will legalize the murder of physicians performing abortions. (And while you’re over at Salon you can read about how Hannah Montana killed Billy Ray Cyrus and why Hannah was photographed with a bong.


Addendum: In all of the budget cutting frenzy, some liberal elitist Democrats are calling for an end to military money spent on NASCAR endorsements.  How will the Republicans handle that one?

Meanwhile, there are large protests in Wisconsin in the wake of the Governor’s anti-union push.  Thing is, many of these people voted for this guy, and voted out Russ Feingold.  It’s not like anyone with half a brain couldn’t have predicted this, but they chose to vote cultural issues rather than bread and butter.  I hope they win, but the Governor isn’t breaking any campaign promises.

Thanks to Matthew Owen for drawing my attention to this story.  Eureka was noted for its Victorian homes and redwood trees.

Sonoma also made the list.

You can vote for your favorite destination and win a stay in an old hotel.


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