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Hank Sims has moved on to worthier pastures, and many of us are missing the Town Dandy.  His replacement, Tom Abate is off to a rough start.  I have only a general idea about what has happened, but fortunately Seven-O-Heaven clears things up for us.

So I picked up a hard copy of the NCJ, and I’m still not quite sure what the direction is.  I skipped over the cover story (by Mr. Abate himself) because I really could care less whether casinos can generate younger gamblers by offering programs which allow you to throw your money away over laptops.  But to be honest, I’ve skipped over cover stories before.  Someone today suggested to me that the article is pandering to a significant advertiser, but as I haven’t read the article I won’t go that route of cynicism.

But I did find an interesting Abate piece about his almost-coverage of the Tea Party event with the eccentric Sheriff-guy from Arizona, and yeah I think his short interview with a Miranda resident (who is interested in the Tea Party but was also too cheap to shell out ten bucks to attend the event) was probably more interesting than any recital of a the predictable speech within.  He’s a good writer with some wit, and he’s more than willing to piss some of the natives off which I have to respect even if it was over the top on the radio.  The following clip has already earned him some indignation in the attached comments.

He smiled, for instance, when I complained about these home-schooling, leftie moms I know who not only drink raw milk but refuse to vaccinate their kids because they believe the discredited link between shots and autism — putting them a six shooter and a seatbelt away from Sheriff Mack so far as I’m concerned.

However, what I’m hearing about the transition is that it is designed to avoid controversy which might affect the bottom line, meaning that it’s okay to piss off some hippie women in the hills and the lunatic fringe on the right, but will local elected officials, Rob Arkley, Green Diamond, and marijuana growers breath easier with the change?  Time will tell.


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