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BBC reports the “largest demonstrations yet” in Cairo, with demonstrations in Alexandria and strikes in other parts of the country.  And Wael Ghonim spoke.  Mitch linked to the increasingly famous interview earlier.

No calls for violent Jihad that I can see.  No effigies.  No flag burning.  No vandalism.  I’m sure someone has some example upon Youtube somewhere, but it’s certainly not representative.

And people coming out who did not come out before.  That must have the government scared, and when the government is scared, everyone should be scared.

Addendum: Mubarak about to step down? We’ve heard this before.

Second addendum: Alex Cockburn discusses the parallels between conservative attitudes towards Mubarak and earlier “he’s a son-of-a-bitch-but-hes’-our-son-of-a-bitch” cold war attitudes, and suggests that the liberal sympathy for the opposition will be exploited by Republicans in the next election cycle.  That probably depends on how it all turns out, as the sane wing of the Republican party is approaching the whole thing very cautiously.

Here is a slide show story about the development of high speed rail in other countries.  The story comes in the wake of Obama’s 53 billion dollars to develop our own system.

Let me just say that I’m all for developing alternatives to automobile and airplane travel and public transit infrastructure.  But I am a little queasy about the idea of traveling at three or four hundred miles per hour at ground level.  Call me a Luddite.

But the coolest part of the story is the “maglev train” which apparently never touches the ground when traveling.  Maglev is tech geek talk for “magnetic levitation.”

Photo is from Wikipedia.


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