Del Shannon recorded Runaway.  Just a little morning trivia.  I love the visuals in the video, especially the dance of blond up on the box with the light in her hair.  Hard to believe the kids dancing are all in their 60 and 70s now.  I’d say it seems like only yesterday, but I wasn’t born yet.

And yes, the song is entitled “Runaway,” and NOT “I’m Walking in the Rain” as commonly believed.  Some people also think Proud Mary is entitled “Rollin in the River.”  Jeopardy messed that one up some years ago.

Of course Shannon had some troubles, with drugs and all, and faded out.  He had something of a revival in the 1980s when he appeared on the David Letterman Show and you can see by Paul Shafer’s enthusiasm that he was rooting for Shannon.

He was also slated to replace Roy Orbison in a follow-up recording for the Traveling Wilburies, but unfortunately he didn’t make it.  As so many who suffer depression he “forgot” to take his medicine, and took his life sometime in the early 90s.

Nothing deep to say about it.  I hadn’t heard the song for years until it was revived by the psycho character on Heroes.  It prompted a “whatever happened to him” moment and I looked him up and found the videos.  The song brings back some childhood memories which are of no general interest.  Enjoy the day.

Addendum: Oops!  I just glanced at my notes (I keep some in a file for blog posts).  It appears that I miscalendared the event and misinformed you.  The song was recorded on January 21, NOT January 27.  Damn!