Jafar Kazemi and Mohammad Ali Haj Aqhaei were put to death yesterday despite international pressure. They had apparently distributed literature and videos pertaining to the post-election uprisings some months back.

Unfortunately, groups like Code Pink have a blind spot on this.  As recently as this last June Code Pink and the Feminist Majority were calling for Iran to be placed on the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women.  (Edit – This doesn’t appear to be the case)

Progressives in the US have a history to be proud of in many respects, but far too often we are on the wrong side of history in other countries.  Code Pink has apparently resolved its brief struggle with reality.

Can anyone find any statements from Code Pink or similar groups about these two prior to their killings yesterday?  Or this incident involving the rape/murder of a young woman?

At least the anti-death penalty activists were on it.  And Amnesty International.  But so far all I can find is dead silence from the “anti-war” left – no mention of the killings whatsoever at the Code Pink site.