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Part of the problem is that probably more than half of our generation doesn’t know what a Sputnik is.


I had the speech on in the background while dealing with kids, kitchen, etc., but occasionally I stopped to watch.  I missed the Republican rebuttals, both the official one and Michelle Bachman’s which was only aired on CNN (no, not Fox!).  What I noticed was that the clapping and cheering were a bit subdued.  Was it because of the inter-party mingling seating arrangements?  A speech that in terms of specifics was even vaguer than usual (the last real substantive SOTU I watched was in 2003 when President Bush presented made up facts to support the case for the existence of WMD’s in Iraq)?  A GOP on edge about additional Joe Wilson moments?  Did the network (I was watching MSNBC) keep the volume down?


My nine-year-old son came out of his room and asked me how long it would be before the SOTU was over.  I said, “It’ll be all night.  First people will talk about the speech.  And then people will talk about the people talking about the speech.  And then they’ll talk about the people talking about the people talking about the speech.  A half hour into the panel discussions as I flipped across the networks, my son who was sitting on the couch said, “You were serious!”


Josh Marshall’s coverage of Bachman’s rebuttal is entitled “Bachman Trainwreck Blogging.”  The entire entry consists of one sentence:

I’m not even sure what to say about this.

An article has since been posted on the TPM site.


Looks like it went over well with viewers, though I don’t trust snap polls.


TPM has some fun stuff on its wire.


Addendum: TPM has a slide show so that you can see who was sitting next to each other and all that.  Just click on the photo.

As the first comment poster notes, Stewart probably doesn’t need writers.  Fox provides all of his material.  I’ll post the video itself tonight.  Here’s a link in the meantime.

Does anyone expect Meagan Kelly to publicly apologize to her guest?

Jafar Kazemi and Mohammad Ali Haj Aqhaei were put to death yesterday despite international pressure. They had apparently distributed literature and videos pertaining to the post-election uprisings some months back.

Unfortunately, groups like Code Pink have a blind spot on this.  As recently as this last June Code Pink and the Feminist Majority were calling for Iran to be placed on the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women.  (Edit – This doesn’t appear to be the case)

Progressives in the US have a history to be proud of in many respects, but far too often we are on the wrong side of history in other countries.  Code Pink has apparently resolved its brief struggle with reality.

Can anyone find any statements from Code Pink or similar groups about these two prior to their killings yesterday?  Or this incident involving the rape/murder of a young woman?

At least the anti-death penalty activists were on it.  And Amnesty International.  But so far all I can find is dead silence from the “anti-war” left – no mention of the killings whatsoever at the Code Pink site.


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