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Veteran anarchist and editor of Greenfuse Paul Encimer will join me on the radio tonight to discuss the history and philosophy of anarchism.  A huge topic, but Paul is steeped in knowledge of the subject.  KMUD 91,1 FM, at 7:00 as always.

We’ll discuss and perhaps debate various aspects of the topic.  I was never really an anarchist even in my youth, but I was sort of a fellow traveler for a little while.  I actually do think that anarchist values are rooted in basic values of liberty, and I have respect for its practitioners and advocates.  Despite my unconsumated flirtations however, I am not an anarchist, and I’ll try to explain why.  It’s basically my contention that if anarchism,, as envisioned by many who refer to themselves as anarchists, was possible it would be inevitable.

But my primary goal is to clear up many of the false assumptions and misunderstandings about the doctrine, or anti-doctrine as it may be.  In fact, some of tenets and strategies of mainstream progressive activism have been borrowed from anarchist traditions  (consensus process, affinity groups, etc.).

“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”

-Emma Goldman

Yes, we can discuss the meaning of that one as well.

Addendum: A homework assignment below the fold.

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It turns out that the bomb apparently intended to kill many people at the MLK parade in Spokane last Monday was worse than initially thought, prompting one FBI official to report that “they haven’t seen anything like this in this country.”

So why isn’t it getting much media coverage?

From Media Matters:

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