A few years back I posted about a less than productive post-game exchange following a defeat by famed chess grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi at the hands of one of the Polgar sisters.  Well, Korchnoi never liked losing.  He certainly didn’t like losing two opportunities for the world championship against his arch-enemy Anatoly Karpov a few decades back.  He especially doesn’t like losing to women.  Well, a few months before my prior post, he had lost to another woman – Irina Krush.  And as she blogged, the post-game exchange wasn’t any prettier.

The photo was posted on Ms. Krush’s blog, and I assume was taken by her.


Odd thing.  Of the players who are regularly in competition in the U.S. only about 3 percent are women – less than half the world average and much lower than countries such as Russia, Georgia, and lately China.  Women in the U.S. do tend to excel here in other games and sports traditionally male dominated, but for some reason we are way behind in chess.  Most of the very best female players here are immigrants.  Women in the poker at higher rates.  Even boxing.  But not chess.  Any theories?