I’ll be asking for callers to describe their relationships with the religion, what they believe it represents, and tie the discussion into the season as to the meaning of Christmas.  I expect to get plenty of the obligatory “Christmas is a ripoff of paganism, yada, yada, yada…” but I intend to carry the discussion beyond the usual ranting.  It’ll be my third show on the topic, and this one will focus on the substance and symbolism of Christmas itself.

Special invitation to those who are currently Christian.  I’d like to integrate a little balance into this, so I would really appreciate a call or two from Christians.  Don’t mind some of the anticipated wounded callers, I will assure civility and I won’t allow critical examination to degrade into bigotry.  In the past I have hung up on callers who have pushed the issue.

And as a side thread, I’ll ask each caller if he or she has a favorite Christmas carol and why it is your favorite.

Yeah, I know.  “Bah humbug!”  Try not to be too much of an Angry McAngrypants.