So far three accounts, which vary possibly according to perspective.  Basically, Mark Lovelace is seeking Bonnie Neely’s position on the Coastal Commission.  Jill Duffy apparently threw a fit and accused other Supervisors of playing “games” by not soliciting the newcomers to the Board as to whether they are interested in the position, and chided Clif Clendenen for failing to send them paperwork.  According to one account Mark responded by saying that it’s not up to the Board to solicit interest, but rather for those interested to step up.  According to one blogger, Jill then backed down saying that she wasn’t accusing anybody of anything.  The bloggers then differ as to the outcome.  According to one blogger it was decided to nominate Mark but also allow for others to be considered.  According to another the matter was “tabled.”

And then members of the audience tore into Mark.

Here are the accounts I’ve found so far:


Humboldt Mirror

Samoa Softball

Man.  Aren’t those northerners rowdy?


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