You’ve got right wing conspiracy theories, left wing conspiracy theories, leaders of other countries wigging out, and lots of fascinating revelations as the media pours through the documents.  TPM has a ticker up and some of the headlines are astounding.

I started to discuss it this morning, when TPM listed its top five revelations, but that may be out of date.  And we already have a conspiracy theory advocate in that thread making the same accusation being made by the President of Iran – that it was a deliberate dump of phony information.

Palin is slamming Obama over the leak and suggests that the government should treat Wikileaks like a terror threat.  Germany is pissed.  The Saudi King called for tracking chips to be placed in released Gitmo prisoners.  China called North Korea a “spoiled child” and wants to discuss reunification.   The Italian Prime Minister holds wild (but “dignified”) parties.   Everybody and his grandmother wants to bomb Iran.  Ghadaffi likes blonds.

And they’re still not through all the documents.

Meanwhile, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is promising to release documents on “an American bank” which he compares to the Enron emails.