The Humboldt Mirror claims to have an inside source.  They are reporting no changes in the election night results, although I don’t think the Hospital Board results are on their radar.

Still nothing at the County website.

Addendum: Thanks to Mark who posted the link to the TS report, which appears to contain all of the results except the Sohum Healthcare District Board race.

Second addendum:  Someone posted the final Hospital race results in the thread.  No changes, but it did get closer.

Meanwhile, this is from the Gallegos campaign, hopefully sent from a private residence this time.   Honestly, there wasn’t much suspense for me.  Being the geek I am I’ve been watching these races closely for years, and I was fairly certain Gallegos had it in the bag.

Greetings Eric,

After nearly four weeks of suspense, the final election results have been tallied in the race for District Attorney.

Ultimately, our candidate Paul Gallegos won with 25,238 votes (52%) compared to his opponent, who received 23,069 votes (48%). This is welcome news during the holiday weekend for all those who contributed.

Thank you for your encouragement, support, and effort in what has been a long election season. Paul and the campaign couldn’t have accomplished this victory without you.

Happy Holidays!


Natalynne DeLapp