The list.

Some of them may surprise you.  I don’t even recognize about a quarter of them.

Bear in mind, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re right wingers.

They’re missing a few, although maybe they’re just conservatives not registered Republican.  I’m assuming they mean celebs famous for something other than political involvement.

Dennis Miller
The blond from SNL circa late 1980s
The actress who played Everybody Loves Raymond’s wife
The brunette in Designing Girls
The guy who played Captain Stubing in Loveboat
The guy who played Gopher in Loveboat
The guy who played Cliff Kleibin (sp?) on Cheers (two renowned conservatives on Norman Lear’s last series – irony)
Ted Nugent
David Lynch (I think)
The Jewish guy in all the liberal movies who converted on 911
Steve Largent
Rober Staubach

And how could they leave out Arnold?  Maybe they left out people who’ve been elected to office, which would account for the omissions of Gopher and Largent.

By the way Bruce Willis has been campaigning for Republicans much longer than 2000.  He and Schwarzenegger toured  for Bush in 1992.

There are only a few surprises for me on the list.  James Earl Jones because he associates with radical directors like John Sayles and has associated his name with a number of liberal causes, including People for the American Way.  I guess Meat Loaf is the only other real surprise.

Ramone once said that Punk is inherently right wing, and to tell you the truth, I don’t necessarily disagree with him.