A friend emailed this to me.  It’s the third part of a youtube documentary by an Aussie charismatic Christian disturbed by what he is labeling “New Age Paganism” in the younger charismatic crowd.  Bethel Church is located in Redding, and it looks like they get pretty wild there.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I didn’t realize that there were rules about proper conduct when moved by the Spirit.  It really doesn’t seem unlike the videos of tongue speakers and snake handlers I’ve seen, except maybe the druggie analogies.  At one point the camera is heading down a hallway and the narrator asks, “can you imagine walking into a room that sounds like this??”  Well, no I can’t and I wouldn’t.  The whole thing does remind me of the final scene in the Bacchae, and I am male.  But I just can’t help but detect a bit of snootiness in the Aussie’s narrative.  Does he act dignified when speaking in tongues?  Who knew there were rules?

From the Baccae:

Stranger: Ah! Would you like to see them in their gatherings upon the mountain?
Pentheus: Very much. Ay, and pay uncounted gold for the pleasure.
Stranger: Why have you conceived so strong a desire?
Pentheus: Though it would pain me to see them drunk with wine-
Stranger: Yet you would like to see them, pain and all.[2]

Fortunately I can see them from the safety of my computer.