Undocumented that is – a former housekeeper of nine years claims she was fired just before Whitman kicked off her campaign.  Attorney Gloria Alred will be filing a claim for back wages and mileage reimbursement.  If Whitman knew about her undocumented status as the woman claims – ouch!

Whitman’s people are already on damage control.

How many times have we been through this?  Feinstein did survive her undocumented help controversy, but other pols haven’t fared so well.

Addendum: When the going gets rough, blame it on your opponent.

FYI, Gloria Alred and Brown have actually never been friends.  She actually protested outside his office one time.

She once held a press conference in the office of California governor Jerry Brown to cast media attention on his threat to VETO a bill authorizing payroll deductions for child support payments. When the news media arrived, Allred and a group of women and children had hung diapers across the governor’s office. Brown reversed his position and signed the bill.

I bet Brown plays this one cool, and cruises into office.  It’ll be especially devastating if he says he doesn’t believe it’s an issue, kind of like what Coons is doing in Delaware.

Second addendum: Meanwhile, in the latest poll Brown is breaking it open.

Third addendum: Whitman denies she knew and that she was “shocked” when she found out after 10 years of employment.  She says that the social security number didn’t match her housekeeper’s name.  She’s going to have to elaborate on that.  Kos has the following:

According to a spokeswoman at the Social Security Administration, all employers are required to verify Social Security numbers before hiring someone, and that it “has been the case for ten years or longer.” Further, the Internal Revenue Service requires employers to use Social Security numbers to report wages.

If Whitman is already lying about this, it’s going to become a much bigger deal.