The Republican third party fund raising groups are outspending the Democratic groups 5 to 1.  Part of the problem is Citizens United.  Another part of the problem, according to this MYDD blogger,  is that Obama’s team has effectively neutered the progressive groups.  And according to the article, much of the problem begins with Rahm Emanuel.

It comes down to this:

I have been fighting this battle inside Democratic strategy circles for 15 years now, but the problem is worse with the current team at the White House. The folks running the Obama political operation have always believed they could control the message and the resources of the party better than anyone else, and that they didn’t need or want to empower outside progressive groups. Now embattled House and Senate candidates are paying the price, and it is a bitter price to have to pay. The groups that do have resources that are pro-Democratic- labor, MoveOn, Emily’s List, the trial lawyers- are doing their best to stem the tide. But corporate money in the post-Citizens United era is swamping us, and unlike in some cycles in the past (2004, 2006), wealthy progressive donors were sent signals not to engage, or just not cultivated at all, and the result is that we are being badly outspent.

One final note on all this: the irony of outside progressive groups being blamed for not doing enough to help the Democrats when the White House has been complaining about the “left of the left” and the “professional left” for many months- and de-motivating donors the whole time- should not be lost on anyone. You can’t attack progressives for being too strident and then wonder why they aren’t doing more and still have much credibility.

Hopefully there is truth to the rumors that Emanuel is history.  About the last thing Obama could do to energize his base is to can Emanuel now, before the election.

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