I just heard that Sue Ivy’s fourth grade class at Redway will consist of 42 students this year.  You can’t teach a class that crowded, no matter how good you are (and by all accounts Ms. Ivy is excellent).  Many of those kids are going to lose the year, and obviously it won’t be any better for them next year.

The alternative I suppose, in lieu of what should happen which is to have the money to hire another teacher, is to take some of them out and create a combination class.  But I did that in the fourth grade, and I feel that the teacher should receive double pay since he or she is teaching two classes at once.  One level could also lose the year.

This is very sad.

And no, I’m pretty sure Prop L money cannot be used to hire a teacher.

Addendum: I heard from a good source this morning that the chemistry class at the high school had 40 kids as of yesterday.  At least one transferred out.