A Ukiah man was arrested giving condoms to children, the youngest being 8-years-old.  He’s been arrested under suspicion of “annoying or molesting children.”

I certainly agree that it’s way out of bounds to be giving out condoms to 8-year-old kids you don’t know.  But is he really going to be charged with a crime associated with molestation?  The crime, if it is a crime, just isn’t on the same level.  I’m not sure what it means to “annoy” a child in this legal context, but I would assume it means some sort of sexual advance and unless there is more to the story I really don’t think that qualifies either.

As an aside, I was a substitute teacher in San Francisco the School Board was debating whether to install condom machines in the high school bathrooms.  Most of the objections came from the predictable sources for the obvious reasons, but one teacher approached the microphone during the public comment period and said, “just consider this – big…. huge…. water balloons.”  Then she sat down.  There were laughs, but the machines were installed anyway.

So apparently it’s not illegal to distribute condoms to high school age minors.  Is there an explicit cut-off?


While we’re on condoms, here are a couple of hilarious ads on the subject.  The first one was actually banned, according to the Youtube source.