District Attorney – Paul Hagen.  I’m not going to be overly long-winded about this.  I know I’m in the minority in Sohum, and I understand the loyalty.  I am not voting against Paul Gallegos, whom I consider a friend and whom I’ll support in a run-off against Jackson if that’s how it falls.  I’m simply voting for the candidate I believe has the best leadership qualities to run the District Attorney office in a manner which will mitigate the deep political/cultural divide in the county and the impact of that divide on the office’s function.  Hagen has shown just as much courage in taking on the big boys as Gallegos, and he’s landed a few of them in jail and obtained fines against many more.  The whole “he hasn’t tried felonies” meme is a canard – the standard of proof is the same for felonies and misdemeanors.  I do sympathize with Gallegos in that many in what we term the “Old Guard” have undermined Gallegos from the start – pushing a recall before his office seat was warmed. He’s made some mistakes and he’s had some good successes, and maybe he’ll find his groove.  But I think Hagen, every bit as progressive politically as Gallegos, is better suited for the office.  I would like to see Gallegos run for Supervisor, or maybe even a higher office.  He’s got the machine in place, and a legislative office is more suited for his vision.

Assessor – Jon Brooks for all the reasons I’ve stated on this blog and in my letter to the TS.

Auditory/Controller – Joseph Mellett

Sheriff – Mike

Senator – Barbara Boxer (though I love Mickey Kaus’ writing and I was tempted to vote for him on that basis, Boxer is actually a pretty good Senator)

Congress – Mike Thompson

Governor – Jerry Brown

Lt. Governor – it’s a springboard position, to preserve and groom candidates for a real office.  Besides, Brown could die in office.  In any case, for all his faults, Gavin Newsom is an excellent candidate who may be needed to take down some mad dog Republican for office some day.  He’s got my vote.

Attorney General – Kamala Harris

Insurance Commissioner – David Jones.  It’s time to get someone with consumer advocacy experience into the office.  For some reason Californians keep insisting on electing foxes to watch the hen house.

Secretary of State – Debra Bowen – she’s actually done an excellent job, with one minor lapse of intelligence regarding her reading of the run-off election process.  I forgive her.

Controller – John Chiang

Treasurer – Bill Lockyer

State School Superintendent – Gloria Romero

Board of Equalization – Betty Yee

State Senate – Noreen Evans

Did I forget anything?