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Remember those brief moments in pop culture history that children’s entertainment bore that psychedelic quality?  The Monkeys.  Scooby Doo.  HR Puffinstuff.  The Japanese imports like Kimba, Speed Racer, Marine Boy, and Ultraman.  Even to some degree the Electric Company.  But the most psychedelic show of all – the Banana Splits, with all the odd series it hosted (Danger Island, the half animated Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Atom Ant, the Arabian Knights, etc.)

I literally hadn’t heard the theme song in about 40 years.  Triggered some fond memories.  Youtube has the theme song, but this one is my favorite.

So the post title has to do with my curmudgeonly lectures of the triteness of today’s kids entertainment, as I force them to watch Fat Albert and the old Scoobie Doo (fortunately, they do enjoy them).  Sponge Bob just doesn’t carry a torch to Fleegle or Shmoo.

But voters do have the right to know, and some of my readers do live in the 5th District.  Yes, Supervisor candidate pled guilty to a DUI of a very significant blood alcohol count (.16 though the enhancement request was dropped for the plea) just before announcing his candidacy.  Someone brought it to the attention of the Times Standard and Heraldo on Friday, four days before the election.  Somehow the local media didn’t catch wind of it, and it didn’t even make it into the TS police beat for reasons unknown.

Times Standard coverage. (with rather intense comments thread)

Heraldo’s long thread on topic.

Heraldo quotes local leaders on the issue.

As the district is a rural one and many absentee ballots have already been cast, it’s unclear whether something like this will decide for Tuesday.  And perhaps if he makes the run-off, the issue will be vetted and out of memory by November.  However, .16 isn’t just tipsy after a couple of beers.  You have to pound the stuff down and drive knowing that you’re a danger, unless you’re so drunk you have no judgment left at all.  And he has never issued a statement about it.  It’s not a trivial matter.

Hey, no matter which candidate you support, you have to find this funny.  Plucked it from here.

Kevin also has lots of interesting letters about the election.  He seems to have attracted more interesting letters than the TS.  Maybe the word length is higher?


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