I’m a little late looking at the ballot initiatives this year.  I’ll post something soon, but I can tell you that I agree with Jared no votes on the initiatives being pushed by PG&E and Mercury Insurance.  I probably agree with him on the other initiatives as well.

As to the candidates for various offices, I agree with most of what I see for what I’ve looked at.  I’ll comment on the local races later, and I lean towards Gavin Newsom from Lt. Governor, although I don’t know Janice Hahn.

Jared Rossman Recommends:

Governor – Jerry Brown

Lt. Governor – Janice Hahn

Attorney General – Kamilla Harris (I’m still mad at her for taking Terrence Hallinan out of office, but I’ll probably vote for her)

Insurance Commissioner – Dave Jones (did he ever find his locker?)

Board of Equalization – Betty Yee

U.S. Senate – Barbara Boxer

State Senate – Noreen Evans

State School Superintendent – Tom Torlakson

Assessor – Jon Brooks

Auditor – Joseph Mellett

District Attorney – Paul Gallegos

Sheriff – Mike Downey

Prop 13 – Yes

Prop 14 – No

Prop 15 – Yes

Prop 16 – No

Prop 17 – No

Measure L – Yes


You can compare his recommendations with the SF Bay Guardian’s.  They agree re Hahn.  Guess I’ll have to read up on her.

Addendum: Hmm.  The Bay Guardian’s “endorsement” of her is uninspiring to say the least.  From their piece:

Hahn in not overly impressive as a candidate. When we met her, she seemed confused about some issues and scrambled to duck others. She told us she’s not sure she’s in favor of legalizing pot, but she isn’t sure why she’s not sure since she has no arguments against it. She won’t take a position on a new peripheral canal, although she can’t defend building one and says that protecting San Francisco Bay has to be a priority. She won’t rule out offshore oil drilling, although she said she has yet to see a proposal she can support. Her main economic development proposal was to bring more film industry work to California, even if that means cutting taxes for the studios or locating the shoots on Indian land where there are fewer regulations.


Second Addendum: You can also compare with Fred’s picks.

And there are the ever-colorful endorsements of the AVA’s Bruce Anderson.