Probably because both were discussed on the Board of Supes meeting yesterday.  The short version is that the Board wants the GPU process accelerated, or at least some of the Board members do.  And they approved a letter to Caltrans calling for more transparency.

On the GPU the members of the public present called for slowing down the process, and some, according to the TS, requested that the GPU be stopped entirely with the old plan remaining in place – presumably for another 20 years, and according to the KMUD report last night one speaker said that lawsuits are inevitable.

Barbara Kennedy was present for the Richardson Grove issue and called for the reopening of public comment, which Caltrans is not inclined to do.

The BOS also voted to ignore the Grand Jury report about their salaries.  Some have argued that the Grand Jury has been stacked with a particular political agenda.

Meanwhile, for those of you paying attention to the BOS races, which could lead to a major change of the balance of power, the North Coast Journal interviewed the three Fourth District candidates.  Lots of people down here are concerned about the General Plan Update, but also have concerns about “urban” development and environmental concerns, and so have mixed feelings about each of the candidates.  I think HumCPR is avoiding election endorsements this time around, which I think is smart given their  mixed constituency.  But I wonder where Sohum is in the Fourth and Fifth District races.