The topic of the second installment of Cristina’s article is the Richardson Grove issue, but really it’s about much more.  It’s about the dynamics of local politics and it captures a great deal of what I’ve tried to say in a number of posts here and lays it out comprehensively and succinctly.  Yes, there are editorial elements in it and in that sense it’s “biased.”  Get over it.  She raises questions about our politics which apply to the Reggae War, the General Plan Update, and the Second District Supervisor election.  Liberals fighting liberals.  “Left wing tea parties.”

We live in a community rich in activism.  It’s a good thing.  People are willing to “speak truth to power.”  Some of them are willing to do much more than speak and make great sacrifices and physical risks in civil disobedience.  There is a great deal of passion.  We’re ready to take on the powers that be; to defy all that is wrong with the system “out there.”

If only we can learn to listen.

Karl Marx criticized philosophers for merely trying to interpret the world and failing to try to change it.  I’m thinking that many of us need to focus on learning more about the world.  We might become better at changing it.

But a hero needs a villain.  Odds and powers all against him.  A right and a wrong.  A hero knows both.  It’s all about the cause which sustains the hero.

Look at the comments attached to the article.  Sun Valley poisons workers.  Lost Coast brews bad beer.  Bauss sounds kind of like Bass.  Hank Sims is a plagiarist.  Trustafarians.  EPIC fail.  But no response to the central questions Cristina raises.

The cause is just.  Collateral damage is justified.  Nuance be damned.

Sometimes it’s really embarrassing.

Thank you Cristina.

Also check out Hank’s sideline editorial.