The NCJ tracks the money in the local races, and already the bucks are falling into place in the 4th and 5th District supervisor races, the DA race, and the Assessor’s Race.   Not too many surprises really.

Bonnie Neely is out in front in the 4th District race, boosted by a 10k bomb from the Blue Lake Rancheria.  Virginia Bass is just behind Bonnie.  Humboldt Redwood Company is playing both sides of the fence there.  Jeff Leonard is far behind in the money race, but maybe his unique signs will make up the difference.

Blue Lake Rancheria dropped 10k in the 5th District Race as well, splitting it between Cleary and Sundberg.  You have to peak at the pdf links for more details, and Pat Higgins is obviously behind.  He did bag c notes from Sohum residents Jan and Linda Derkson and well as the blogging couple of Greg and Carroll Connors.  He also got $250 from Carlos Quilez and his wife Jessica Puccinelli. A look at Cleary’s list of donors, including a couple of progressive attorneys, reveals a definite divide among progressives.

Ryan Sundberg meanwhile has donations from HRC, Johanna Rodoni, as well as some business offerings.

Jeff Lytle obviously hasn’t yet solicited for donations.

In the Sheriff race, Mike Hislop has bagged some moderately sized donations and fundraised pretty well considering that so far the local punditry has not been given him a serious chance to overcome Downey’s extensive support.  Downey is 10 grand up this round, and he has extensive support from leaders and fellow travelers of HumCPR.

In the Assessor’s race Johanna is way out in front with over 21 grand already.  Not too many surprises on her list.  She has support from Sohum business leaders including Wallan, Satterlee, and Johnson.  Jon Brooks has raised just over 6 thousand, two grand coming from the Blue Lake Rancheria.  Mari Wilson, the candidate working in the office itself who had been the heir apparent, has some catching up to do.

I don’t really have much to add to the NCJ summary of the DA race.  Paul Gallegos reports a few moderately sized donations from long term strong supporters, but it’s clear he’s just getting into the swing of the campaign.  Kathleen Bryson raised over 8 grand on donations of $100.00 or less, which means she’s hustling hard for the grassroots support.  Paul Hagen actually disclosed more than required, which as the NCJ notes, revealed an eyebrow raising source of support (I think Worth Dikeman specifically donated $99.00 so that Hagen would not be forced to reveal him as a supporter, but Paul H. seems to relish transparency from top to bottom).  Allison Jackson has done very well so far, with support from some of the usual conservative sources.  She has a $500 donation from HumCPR leader Lee Ulansey.