Whatever you think of incumbent Mendo D.A. Meredith Lintott, why do even progressive writers find it so necessary to discuss the physical (or photogenic) appearance of a woman candidate?

I don’t mean to sound “politically correct” or anything, but there are serious issues in the race warranting their attention.  Granted, the AVA has always been something like a left version of the Humboldt Mirror.

I’d like to know why the driving passerby’s flipped them off.  Much more of a story there.

Addendum: Actually, in finishing the column I found the final paragraph to be the most interesting.

THE SANTA ROSA COPS might want to re-think their villains. The other day they held a hostage training with the hostage takers being “an extreme environmental activist group” whose behavior was similar to “situations that have occurred.” Really? Where?

Were they saving the best for last?