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I’m a little burned out on Kos posts these days.  Not that they’re dogmatic.  They tend to be.  It’s forgivable.  What isn’t forgivable is predictability.  Well, this post is a little different.

It starts out predictably enough.  By now you’ve hit the link and you know it’s not about Obama, but about Reagan at a similar point in his presidency, with figures much worse and having come in with an economy far less trashed by his predecessor.  We all know that the economy sank much lower during the first couple of years of Reagan, after which he pulled us out by…. unprecedented spending.  I’ve already discussed military Keynesianism, and the point that no president – not one, has pulled us out of a recession by cutting taxes.  Most of us understand. It’s not a new argument.

What I love about the post is the final sentence.

It must have been quite a luxury for Reagan’s administration to not have a breathless, narrative-driven, fact-allergic, obituary-addicted, lunatic 24-hour cable news cycle during their first term.

On the other hand, might a breathless, narrative-driven, fact-allergic, obituary-addicted, lunatic 24-hour cable news cycle have killed Nixon’s administration early enough to avoid a generation of political cynicism?

A benefit for the Discovery Museum. Clif Clendenen asked me to join his “Brown Act Team” of himself, Jim Lamport, Mel Kreb, and Don Brown.  We all put suits and ties over our wet suits and joined about 100 others to jump into the Humboldt Bay this morning at the F Street dock.  There were some great costumes, including a group of young hard bodies in speedos and bikinis, as a wide variety of community folk joined for a good cause.

Rex Bohn was the MC.  I had no idea he read my blog!  Lots of community leaders were present, and some of them even jumped in.

Little did I know there was a tsunami warning relating to the Chilean earthquake.  The waves haven’t hit Humboldt County yet and they’re only expected to be a foot and a half, but that could have made this morning’s event interesting.

I was expecting to be miserable based on yesterday’s storm, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky this morning.  Lots of fun.  I’ll plan to do it again next year.  It was worth it for the complimentary bloody Mary alone.

Oh, and I was interviewed by a Channel 3 reporter.  I could be on the news tonight.

Addendum: Can’t find any videos of today up on youtube yet, but here’s last year’s parade from the museum to the waterfront.  Same feel, only it was sunny today.

And here are some of last year’s plunges.


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