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I think there’s still a comic book store on Broadway, right?  Well, I’ll be in there tomorrow to see if I can get a copy of this issue, because under somewhat whiney right wing pressure Marvel Comics is going to be striking the tea party references in subsequent printings.  If you get a copy of the first version, it could be worth some money down the road.  What is the whining about?  Basically, Captain America and his superhero buddy the Falcon say bad things about the tea baggers.  You can find a bigger version through the link.

In Florida, Governor Charlie Crist is releasing a Valentines Day attack ad against his “tea party” Republican opponent Marco Rubio, who has done well in the polls.

It was in the dozens the last time I heard it reported.  The report also estimates 41 to 84 million cases – isn’t that about a fifth to a fourth of us?

The sky fell and nobody knew it!

The insurance industry made record profits last year, as the top five insurers enjoyed a 56% increase in profits from the previous year.  The gains were apparently made at the expense of all the people they dropped from coverage, with less money being spent on actual health care.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government isn’t happy with Blue Cross’ explanations for rate increases.  But will they do anything about it?

And John Stewart enjoys some laughs at the expense of the Republicans and mainstream media who claim that Obama is setting “a trap” for them at the Feb. 25 summit.  I’ll post the video later when I’m at my home computer, or when it becomes available on Youtube.  Until then, you can find it through the link.

Sometimes I’m optimistic about human potential.  But there are moments when I’m ready to give up hope.

To summarize the poll, 44 percent of the population supports a policy allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military.  But when asked whether gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve openly, the support increases to 58 percent.

Yeah, I know.  The latter terms “humanize” the subjects of the poll, and frame the issue in terms of people rather than abstractions, yada, yada, yada.  I just wonder if many of this same 14 percent are represented by those in Massachusetts who supposedly voted for Scott Brown because they support the public option in health care.

For a lark, I wish they had asked the same sample whether they support heterosexuals serving openly in the military.

Meanwhile, in related news taking a page from Harvey Milk’s playbook, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Tour is embarking on a “Freedom Tour” of California.  There are several videos through the link.


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