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Mere weeks ago the Republicans were slamming Obama and the Democrats for behind-closed-door deals on Health Care Reform.  Specifically Mike Enzi and John Boehner called for CSPAN coverage of all aspects of negotiation.  Now that Obama has called for a second bipartisan summit (the previous was nearly a year ago) with complete CSPAN coverage, the Republicans aren’t so hot on the idea.

Earlier in the week the Republicans were balking at a summit, demanding preconditions and implying threats that they wouldn’t show up if they weren’t met.  Obama called their bluff and said “no preconditions.”  One of their own non-elected leaders called the preconditions “silly” and now they’re in a jam.

I hope Obama hangs tough on the cameras.  It could turn the whole frame of debate around.

Obtained by ABC from the NYC Police through the Freedom of Information Act.  There are more through the link.

The image was sent to the NCJ Blogthing with the claim that the bumper sticker is being spread around by concerned growers.  Is it a joke, or an earnest mill town plea?

Addendum: As Kym notes within the thread, it’s already a hot topic over on her blog.

Carly Hewlett Packard Fiorina suggested that the State of California should file for bankruptcy, and her rivals are on a feeding frenzy about it.  Obviously a state can’t file for bankruptcy.  Her excuse is even worse than the comment itself – basically that she really actually knew about it and most voters are ignorant on the issue, and, I guess, she just doesn’t want to confuse voters or something.  And of course she blamed the media.

It’s a long way to the primary, and I suspect she’ll do her homework from now on.  But it was clearly an amateurish moment.  I bet her Republican opposition compares her to Obama, citing the experience issue.


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