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I know I’ve loaded up posts with videos lately, but the progressive media has been on fire this week.  Maddow last night caught a number of Congressional Republicans who slam the Stimulus when they’re in Washington and speaking in front of Tea Party crowds, but who praise and associate themselves with it in their own districts and states.  I wonder if there’s synchronicity or somebody sent it to Maddow, but the Democrats are going to make a huge deal of this over the next week.

One of the Republicans, Senator Imhofe, contacted Maddow on the accuracy of the report as it applied to him.  She dealt with it on her show tonight, and he’s probably sorry he brought it up.  If I can track down that follow-up I’ll post it.  In the meantime, enjoy this one.  If the Democrats can control the narrative, it will be the theme of political news all week.  They’re looking for leverage for Stimulus II, and this could actually pry a few moderate Republicans away.

Must see television!

Addendum: Tonight’s follow-up from the Maddow site.

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When did it become patriotic to call for secession?

I don’t have the software on my work computer to post the video here directly from the Comedy Central site, and it’s not posted on Youtube yet, but last night’s show may be the farthest Colbert has pushed the envelope since he delivered biting satire while standing six feet away from the former President.  I don’t think the Palin camp has the depth to deal with Colbert here, so I imagine she’ll probably let this slide and move on.  Then again, Republicans can be gluttons for punishment as they have been over the past few days in calling for Brennan’s resignation because he ruffled their feathers over their partisan reaction to the Christmas would-be bomber.  In any case, you don’t want to miss this one.

Addendum: I’m having trouble with link.  Here’s the video itself.

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