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Addendum:  And the Magnificent Seven.

And I always thought this was an odd one to come from the Clash.

And lastly, more recently Mick Jones’ daughter helps him through his  midlife crisis.

Lauren Jones (who also goes by the name “Tallulah Japanese”) has her own band called Clay Machine Gun with a song bearing the charming title of “Kick that Bitch in the Cunt.”  I can’t find a video clip.

Am I getting old?

Yesterday my kids had music classes at HSU in the morning and indoor soccer in Samoa in the afternoon.  In between we stopped in to Petes New York Style Pizza (the best restaurant pizza I’ve had in Humboldt County!) for lunch.  They have like five televisions with sports on and they had the Georgetown/Duke game on several of them.  We were waiting for our meal when Obama came onto the screen with the commentators to do some play-by-play.  I couldn’t hear the conversation over the background noise and the kids playing Fussball, but it looked like the commentators were having a good time.  At one point towards the end they started laughing hard, and I was curious as to what it was about.  So this morning I found the clip on Youtube.  When asked about his being left handed and favoring it in play, he responded that he’d been to the Republican caucus meeting yesterday to prove that he could go to his right, but admitted that his left was much stronger.  Here it is:

Georgetown clobbered Duke.

Obama’s a genuine fan.  Biden not so much apparently.

From the Mateel:

With two successful and hilarious Mateel performances under their belt, The Just Another Hangover Tour will return to Redway on Friday, February 5th as part of the Mateel Comedy Cabaret series. Showcasing professional, Seattle-based comedians Heneghen, Scot Shields, Mike Corning, and Jeremy Whitman, the event guarantees a night of uproarious laughter and advance tickets will be offered due to heightened interest in this show.


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