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I only heard clips on the radio, and I’ve only just turned on the idiot box to hear the blather, but apparently his speech was well received.

I did see a clip where Obama listed the tax cuts he signed into law last year, and the Republicans were still sitting on their hands with sour looks (McCain was the worst!).  He cracked a joke, “I thought that would earn some applause from you,” and a few of them clapped.

McCain’s on Larry King right now whining about the lack of bipartisanship from Obama.  And I mean whining.  High pitched.

Did anybody watch it?  Yeah, yeah, I know.  It’s all talk.  Doesn’t mean anything.  Blah, blah.  But it’s good political theater, and it does actually means something to a lot of people.

I’d like to see this moment of the speech.  From a TPM poster:

Maybe it’s just because I’m a poli sci major turned lawyer, but that moment when he turned to the Supremes and took them directly to task for Dred Scott II the Citizens United opinion, and then watching the majority look completely taken aback as the other branch of government stood up, looked at them and cheered actually stunned me a bit.

McCain did force a compliment out of his mouth for Obama.  Kind of mandatory since it was McCain’s law which was slapped down.  The old McCain’s that is, but McCain’s nevertheless.

Apparently Alito wasn’t happy.

Chris Matthews delivered an odd comment:  “I forgot he was black tonight.”

And Joe what’s-his-name’s 15 minutes are over.  He obviously took his medication.  No wackoid outbursts tonight.

Addendum: It does appear that the speech did Obama and the Democrats some good.

Second addendum: Mike Thompson commenting on the speech doesn’t really say where he falls on health care at this point, except to say that Obama needs to show “leadership” on the issue.  And he is backing Obama’s call for discretionary spending freezes, which is absolutely amateurish and detrimental policy in a recession where even most conservative economists will tell you that deficit spending is actually necessary to stimulate the economy.  Granted 25 billion a year isn’t that big on the scale of things, but it could make a difference for tens of thousands looking for work.  And exempting military spending from the strategy is even more detrimental as we have seen some of the worst graft, pork, and unaccounted for money in that area than all the others put together.  Anybody remember that 10 billion or whatever which simply disappeared in Iraq a few years ago?  We could use that money right now.

Third addendum: Nate Silver analyzes some numbers in the speech.  Not the ones you’re thinking of.  I hope he’s getting paid for his time!  The graph tallying the buzz words of various SOTUs is a mere sample.

This was emailed to me. I don’t have any more information, and I don’t have time to dig for it right now.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him a couple of times.  Loved his Peoples History in high school and early on in college, though I was a little less impressed later on.  But he was always thoughtful and quite often very original in his thinking.

More later.

The photo comes from his Wikipedia entry, which has already been updated.

That’s in reference to James O’Keefe, famous for nailing some of the dumber employees of ACORN some months ago leading to national fallout.  He and some other conservative young friends got in over their heads, dressing up like telephone repairmen and entering Senator Mary Landrieu’s office in an attempt to bug her telephones.  They were caught and they’re facing felony charges.  Some conservative figures are defending them and some are distancing themselves.

Obviously these kids were into themselves, but I’d really like to know if there were grown-ups who put them on to it.  The guy who payrolls O’Keefe denies any involvement.  As was reported on MSNBC last night, one of these kids has a father in Louisiana who is acting as US Attorney for the state because Dave Vitter has blocked Obama’s nominee to replace him.  The alleged perps will certainly be lawyered up well. Two of the kids have ties to the conservative Leadership Institute and the conservative Pelican Institute also finds itself caught up in the story.  One of them is reportedly something of a prodigy on national security issues.  He is also credited with a mocking piece entitled “the Penis Monologues,” but I doubt he was the first to come up with that one.

As this blogger points out, they were up against a very professional security operation and maybe they were lulled by their ACORN experiences.

O’Keefe’s 15 minutes may be over once the legal action is finished.  The Utah GOP canceled a speaking event.

Of course he and his cohorts are looking at the possibility of sentences as high as 10 years.

Fox News, which plastered their screens with him for months after the ACORN hoopla, is barely covering this story.  I don’t think they’re covering for him.  I think it’s about their own asses.

Addendum: Speaking of Fox, there’s some media confusion about a new poll which indicates that it is the most trusted news source and the least trusted.  Kos explains.

Heraldo reports another candidate for District Attorney.  Allison Jackson, who was very involved in Worth Dikeman’s campaign the last time around, accusing both Gallegos and our own Ed Denson of nefarious deeds (prompting my first ever letter to the North Coast Journal), has announced her candidacy.

More as it develops.


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