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With the Center for American Progress (the major Democratic Party think tank) now endorsing a strategy for the House to pass the Senate Bill straight up and then muscle through a “fix” with reconciliation, the proposal appears to be gaining steam.  CAP had been mysteriously silent on any strategy until this morning.  Of course the Republicans are promising to stonewall in any way they can.

The hang up has been with the House’s lack of trust of the Senate that it will have the will or ability to pass the fix.  Nobody in the house likes the tax on “Cadillac policies” which jeopardize union coverage.  And some of them want to try to throw the public option back into the mix, though the leadership probably doesn’t want to complicate things for Senate Democrats.

The problem I have is that the Senate has been acting like the House of Lords throughout the process, and that’s how they ended up dickering around with the bill until they lost their next-to-useless super-majority.  I hope progressives reintroduce the public option in a separate bill and force each Democrat to take a stand.  At this point I don’t care if Blanch Lincoln loses to the Republican in Arkansas.  It does look like Bayh may have dodged a bullet.  I don’t believe Mike Pence’s reasoning for backing out.  I think Bayh’s post-Massachusetts whining probably did earn him some points with Indiana voters and the movement in internal polls spooked Pence who’s not yet ready to risk everything.

Even putting ideology aside, I’m amazed that the Democrats didn’t have a plan in place for the loss in Massachusetts.   They appear to have settled on one now.  Who knows how it’ll play out?

Addendum: Looks like the House is game, but they want a guarantee from 51 Senators to see it home.


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