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In just a few minutes we should have some idea of where the country should be going for the next year.  There’s a lot of spin out there about what the results mean even before we know what the results are.  Turnout is up in Boston, which is good for the Democrat, but it’s up everywhere else too – not quite a presidential election levels but much higher than the primary in December.  And there are already accusations of fraud, with some ballots premarked for the Republican Brown popping up in several precincts.

Tick, tick…

Addendum: 5:03 p.m. –  I can’t get through to the Boston Globe, which figures.  Let’s see…

Alright.  None of the networks is calling anything yet, or releasing exit poll results.  So we wait.

In the meantime, House Democrats are planning to simply pass the Senate Bill as is, as a change of even one word will send it back to the Senate where it will die.  Assuming Brown has won that is.  That’s a shame because Nelson was ready to give up his special perks for Nebraska.

Second addendum: The numbers are too close to call right now, but the Democrats are already pointing fingers on television as I type.  Josh Marshal is asking them to shut the f—- up.”

The returns have it very close, with nothing out of Boston so far.  Coakley supporters aren’t giving up yet.

Third addendum: Well, with 30 percent of the vote counted Coakley is 5 points behind.  It’s looking like a Brown win, even with much of Boston yet to be counted.  But the night is young.  I have to hit the road however.

Doctors Without Borders flew to Haiti with a portable surgical center and supplies, but weren’t allowed to land.  I’ll research the situation later.

Addendum: On the positive side, here’s a clip of a Los Angeles based rescue team removing a woman from a building in front of a very grateful Haitian crowd chanting “USA.”

Here are some stories and photos.


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