I explain the criteria in the local stories post below.

1.  Jewish Voice for Peace responding to Gaza attacks – I made this post exactly one year ago and it received the most hits of any non-local story.  Israel and the Palestinians of Gaza were at war then.  There were several posts on topic.  This one drew the most hits. Another post with links to Israeli protest information also drew a large number of hits.  We have a relatively large Jewish population in Sohum, many of whom have very ambivalent feelings on the issue.

2.  Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer – The discussion thread was short, but you clicked on this thread and its links in large numbers.  Maybe there just wasn’t much to be said.  I think the economy tanking made this story much more relevant to many of you than it might have been otherwise.

3.  Sarah Palin ditches the governor job – I think this might have been my last post devoted solely to Palin.  I’m suffering from Palin burnout, but she definitely draws your interest.

4.  Oklahoma students don’t pass citizenship test – it was actually a discussion of education in general.

5.  Disobedient women viewed as just as bad as their abusive husbands – extreme fundamentalists are always good for a blog throttling.

6.  The Blue Lady – my nostalgic post about a famous ghost with whom I have something of an association drew a large number of hits when I posted it, but a recent visitor has taken a new interest in this old post.  He may have single-handedly driven the hit numbers up.

7.  Anarchist activist turns his fellow activists in – several posts on the matter.  I’ve tried to bring Mr. Darby onto my radio show, but he wants to wait until all legal issues have been resolved.  I’m not sure what remains as both of his associates have pled guilty.  There were some local connections which made these posts relevant to some here.

8.  Arthur C. Clarke’s monolith – I think this post ended up on some geek link sites which is the only explanation I can offer for the hundreds of hits this post received.

9.  Mary Ann’s marijuana bust – Baby-boomer pop-culture and marijuana, always a recipe for hits around here.  But notice, none of my numerous health care reform posts is coming up on this list.  Thinking about why we don’t have a public option in the final bill, I have to look at the popularity of this post over each of the HCR posts and I wonder if I don’t have the answer.  I should say, this one had no comments, but hundreds of hits.  Again, I wonder if I didn’t end up linked from elsewhere.

10.  Health Care Reform – okay, at least one post made it into the top 10.  Slightly relieved.  This post was short and to the point, focused on what I consider to be the central issue which defeated health care reform.  It wasn’t that government health care would be inefficient.  It was that it would be too efficient.