The Times Standard reports that the cinema in the Bayshore Mall will be closing as Coming Attractions Theaters will be giving up its lease.  Coming Attractions already has a virtual monopoly in the county, including the Minor in Arcata, and I can’t stand the amount of commercials they play before the movies – actual annoying product commercials, not just trailers.

Apparently it wasn’t making good business because the films were all “second run.”

So here’s a thought.  Maybe instead of paying to tear apart the film infrastructure in the space and trying to rent out yet another space, maybe the mall would consider lowering its rent for awhile to allow someone or some group to go in and operate an independent theater which plays either old films or independents, maybe showcasing local talent.  I know that a mall is an unusual venue for such a venture, but the Mall is in trouble and should start trying to think out of the Big Box.  If they dedicate one room to old Disney or other kid films, creepy or otherwise, it would still serve the baby-sitting function parents look for and maybe some of those films would be “new” to their kids.

Anybody with a little money to risk interested?

Addendum: Hank has some more information about the closing.  Apparently they already have a new tenant.  You can find excerpts from an interview with the Coming Attractions CEO, including promises regarding independent films at the Minor and financial explanations for the addition of commercials as well as the usual “world is changing” mantras.