Tomorrow evening – 6:00 at the Redway School auditorium.  And for those of you who can’t make it, KMUD will be airing it live (preempting my radio show, but fear not fans, I will join the KMUD team to cover the meeting).  The subject will be the Land Use Element, which is of particular interest to Sohum.

I am hoping that the Commissioners do more than just listen passively.  The time for that is past.  At this point the community needs engagement from them.  Otherwise it will just be another meeting where everyone trots out their respective positions within their three minute allotment.  The Commissioners should tell the public what they are thinking, so that the advocates of various interests known what to address.

Should be lively.

Addendum: Great meeting!  I’ll have more to say about it later.  However, the planners left the maps to be displayed publicly down here.  They will be hung up in the hallway of the Veteran’s Building thanks to Brian Ormond.

Second addendum: So I thought the meeting was a great improvement over our prior meetings, up north or locally.  I’ll go into it when I have more time, but I just wanted to remind everyone that you can hear the meeting at the KMUD archives, or view it at the County website somewhere.  When I have that link I’ll post it.  Couldn’t find it yet at Access Humboldt.