For those of you wondering what ever became of the findings of the review committee, which completed its task quite some time ago, the subject is finally coming up for some sort of decision on how to structure the unit.  It is set for discussion and vote at tomorrow’s BOS meeting.  One issue is whether the unit will be placed under Sheriff or D.A. management (if it will continue to have its own sworn law enforcement personnel), or remain under County Counsel authority (in which potential criminal cases would be referred to the DA for investigation).  The TS article references “staff reports” but makes no reference to the review committee’s report.

Personally, I think it’s a huge mistake to blend building and land code enforcement with criminal investigations.  We are the only county which as done so and we’ve seen the results.

The BOD meetings always start at 9:00, but I don’t know where the CEU issue is on the agenda.  If there are any CLMP people reading, maybe you can post what information you have?