Bringing sustainability to the bedroom courtesy of the SF Bay Guardian.

No more getting off on phthalates!  Switch to hand-sculpted wood.  Or glass:

“I have more glass dildos in my kitchen than I do in this store,” owner Samantha Liu told me mischievously. “I’d been using this stuff for years.” When I heard her say “kitchen,” my eyes instinctively fell upon her “Produce Collection”: halcyon dildos of garden-variety cucumbers, jalapenos, and bananas — plus a Chinese bitter melon and a cob of corn. “I’ve had people send me pictures with one of these in a fruit basket,” Liu said. Liu designs most of the toys herself and works with local glassblowers to materialize them into objects of desire. Borosilicate glass may not be the recyclable kind, but these crystalline baubles would be criminal to discard.

And you have solar powered vibrators.  Handspun raw silk bondage rope.  Etc.

Didn’t see anything about biodegradable condoms.  I’m not sure that’s where anyone wants to cut corners on shelf-life, so I imagine the landfill issue will always be thrown under the bus there.

By the way, did you know that my blog is a whorehouse?