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As stated earlier, there has only been one lot line adjustment, which sorted out the property purchased from Buck Mountain according to all of the agreements.  I have some of the instruments which tell the story.  All of them were recorded on March 18, 2009.

Steve Dazey conveyed all of his interest in APN 222-241-008 and the Park’s portion of 222-091-003, with which he and the Park held title as tenants in common.  The instrument number is 2009-5745-2.  The Park simultaneously conveyed its interest in 222-241-008 and 222-091-006 in instrument number 2009-5746-2.

The deed to Buck Mountain is numbered 2009-5749-4.

The legal descriptions refer to a survey which was not yet recorded at the time the legal descriptions were written.  I’ll provide the survey instrument numbers when I have them.  I saw the preliminary maps, but they didn’t contain the instrument numbers.

The Notice of Lot Line Adjustment and Certification of Subdivision Compliance is numbered 2009-5747-15, executed by Kirk Girard on January 21, 2009.

The Notice of Development Plan and Notice of Geologic Report is numbered 2009-5748-15.

The reconveyance negating Steve’s deed of trust is numbered 2009-5754-1.

Buck Mountain’s grant of a water easement and tank site to the Park is numbered 2009-5751-20.  The report itself is filed with the Planning Department, case number LLA-04-02M.


So, I’ve spent a great deal of time on this.  I’ve gathered the information, with the help of Kathryn and others, and posted it.  I’m getting thank you’s from the community, though not so much from the people asking for it – and that’s fine.  I will continue to answer questions as I can, and dig for the info when I and others have the time.  But it’s apparent that it’s a bottomless pit, and if I even dare ask why the information is sought I’m accused of hedging or covering up.  Apparently the Board is expected to respond positively to every request for information no matter how irrelevant or unreasonable the request.

We do intend to call a meeting with neighbors, and those of you who show up can ask questions which we’ll either answer at the meeting or take down and deliver once we’ve obtained the information.  We will also solicit input to mitigate the impact on the lifestyles of neighbors. And I’ll continue to post information here, and respond to posts when I can.  But this has taken an enormous amount of my time and I don’t know that I will have it to spare over the next few weeks.

But it has been waring, and I hold the utmost of respect for the Board members who have worked long and hard for this community asset.  It’s been pretty thankless for them.  Some of the questions seem out of the blue and irrelevant to anything remotely related to amplified music or traffic.  We’re feeling a little bit like the witness in this famous James Thurber comic.

But if asked and I can with reasonable effort find out how much interest was paid to one of the note holders as of 9:23 a.m. on July 21, 2001 I will do it in the name of “accountability.”

Meanwhile, The Last Stone presented some thoughts I think worth considering.  You can find them below the fold.

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No, it’s not satire.

The Senate is holding a rare Saturday session today and I believe they’re debating (whether to debate) as we speak.  I’ll try to find a link to a liveblog.

It appears that the 58 Democrats and 2 independents will be voting to bring the bill to the floor for debate.  Blanche Lincoln was the last holdout, but she’s confirmed.  A vote is expected at about 5:00 this evening, our time.

Landrieu made the pledge earlier, but she’s threatening to sink any bill with a public option which doesn’t have triggers – which of course means no public option as triggers almost never actually trigger.  Schumer is reportedly negotiating with her.

But all eyes are on Lieberman who has said he doesn’t want a public option in any form.  He’s been AWOL on the debate for two years now, which explains why he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  I don’t know whether he’s clueless or lying as this Kos poster says, but his claim that Obama never mentioned the public option prior to the election is so far off the mark it insults the intelligence.  If anything, Obama was promising much more.

Meanwhile, over 20 thousand Facebookers have pledged over one million in donations to Lieberman’s Democratic opponent should he filibuster at the front end or at the end.

You know, I’ve never really studied the filibuster process.  About all I know I learned from watching the old Jimmy Stewart movie.  I knew you could prevent debate from ending.  But what’s the point of a filibuster to actually prevent the debate itself?  Any parliamentary process experts out there who can explain it to me?

More as it all develops.

Addendum: Fox News is the only network covering this 24/7.  They’re really wigging out about it.  So far I’ve seen interviews with three anti-reform advocates, but no pro-reform (although I just have it on in the background and I’m not paying real close attention), although the Democratic Senators are apparently not returning Fox’s calls.  Unlike the Republican Senators, Fox is willing to attack Medicare.  One of their interviewees just kind of grunted an acknowledgment with a nod and then changed the subject.

Second addendum: Passed, 60 to 39.  Debate begins after the Thanksgiving break.

Third addendum: Lieberman, caught in a lie, just continues to lie.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is pushing a little bit of his own leverage.


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