Just read Daniel Mintz’ story in the Independent.  The “target date” is December 17.  This is good.  While my views of the GPU are definitely in a minority around here it is important that people who are likely to be the most affected by new zoning be given reasonable opportunity to provide on-record input.  Hats off to HumCPR and CLMP for pushing the issue.

It will be “strictly for public input,” but I hope there’s more of an exchange than the June meeting at CR when the commissioners pretty much sat passively and smiling while directing any questions to the two planners sitting on the end of the stage.  People on all sides were frustrated with the lack of interaction.

For our part, I hope we can present with a minimum of the theatrics which characterize many of our town hall meetings.  There was plenty of venting when Clif and the planners came down last spring.  It’s time for serious substantive discussion.  What zoning changes would you support, if any?  Why?  How do you believe the various “plans” would impact your property?  How many more subdivisions/parcels can the local ecosystems handle?  What mitigations would you propose so the county can meet state standards and mandates?

In short – focus.