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Just read Daniel Mintz’ story in the Independent.  The “target date” is December 17.  This is good.  While my views of the GPU are definitely in a minority around here it is important that people who are likely to be the most affected by new zoning be given reasonable opportunity to provide on-record input.  Hats off to HumCPR and CLMP for pushing the issue.

It will be “strictly for public input,” but I hope there’s more of an exchange than the June meeting at CR when the commissioners pretty much sat passively and smiling while directing any questions to the two planners sitting on the end of the stage.  People on all sides were frustrated with the lack of interaction.

For our part, I hope we can present with a minimum of the theatrics which characterize many of our town hall meetings.  There was plenty of venting when Clif and the planners came down last spring.  It’s time for serious substantive discussion.  What zoning changes would you support, if any?  Why?  How do you believe the various “plans” would impact your property?  How many more subdivisions/parcels can the local ecosystems handle?  What mitigations would you propose so the county can meet state standards and mandates?

In short – focus.

Haven’t really been in the loop over the past few days, but I think everyone is waiting for the CBO scoring of the House Bill before moving forward.  It’s expected to be out this week, possibly even later today.


Some interesting poll numbers from ABC.  Obama is at 56% approval (though this was before the American media hoopla over Obama’s bow to the Japanese Emperor this weekend).  His favorability rating is 61 %.

61 percent also agree with the statement that Republicans are primarily criticizing Obama and not offering ideas of their own.  31 percent say no.

On the subject of health care reform, the results are particularly interesting.  53 percent support a public option open to all, why 72 percent support it for anyone who is otherwise uninsured.  On the abortion question, 35 percent to 61 percent support publicly funded abortions, however, 56 percent to 43 percent believe that plans which use only private funds for abortion specifically should remain exempt from the restriction – presumably even if other portions of the plan are covered by public funds.  I’m not absolutely clear from the summary.


Glen Beck compares health care reform to the raping of a young girl.


Sen. Dick Durbin is reporting that Democrats are struggling to get 60 votes for a plan with a public option (or at least promises not to filibuster).  They may not have them.  But the Progressive Caucus met with Reid yesterday and told him they’ve compromised enough.  At a certain point they have to discuss the “R” word.


Addendum: The graphs above come from Daily Kos.


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