This Kos poster analyzes it in some detail and argues that it is worse than Hyde.  The Republicans may very well have found the silver bullet to kill health care reform once and for all, unless the Democratic Party parliamentarians can come up with something.  But with the Republicans unanimous in killing any meaningful reform and there being apparently plenty of anti-choice Democrats in office willing to sink health care reform for the issue, I don’t know that reform will happen any time in the foreseeable future – certainly not in the next decade.  Divide and conquer.  Hats off.


Meanwhile, in the Senate it’s crunch time for the six hedging Democrats, and ironically I don’t think any of them would be hot for the Stupak Amendment.


Addendum: A representative of Stupak’s office is reportedly yelling at people calling about the amendment.


Second addendum: Obama wants the abortion language out.

But now I’m wondering if the amendment isn’t redundant, and that unless language explicitly allows for coverage of abortions that coverage would simply be barred by the Hyde law.  It’s possible that the anti-abortion force overplayed its hand.

So the question is whether any of those Democrats will vote for the bill if the language is stripped in conference, or even changed to create an exception to Hyde.

Third addendum: My post title notwithstanding, nobody actually knows what this amendment would do.  That will give some of the Stupak Democrats an out.  I bet the language will be replaced with something like “nothing in this law shall alter or except any federal funding from the Hyde Amendment.”