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It’s Mike Wilson in the third and Richard Marks in the Fourth – my picks exactly, but I guess in local politics terms a split ticket.

Obviously I don’t disagree with the endorsements, but it dawns on me that I can’t recall an election where the TS didn’t seem to be deliberately splitting its endorsements among slates.  It’s like they’re determined to sit on the fence.


Over at the Arcata Eye, Kevin Hoover posted a very good discussion of the Third District race.  Does anybody besides me really miss Kevin’s Nohum Reports on KMUD Monday mornings?

Kevin is endorsing Wilson by the way, and the trail – but not some of his progressive support (including Heraldo).

Something about the Akha children and an activist (and his horse “Hammond”) on their behalf interviewed by Cynthia at KMUD last spring.  I don’t know anything about it except what I’m reading through the link and whatever it is I’m watching in the video below.  There were some posts on Daily Kos apparently.  Through the link and in the right hand column you’ll find a list of all the video entries of the tour, including a number of entries for his trek down 101 on the north coast.  They actually spent four days in Garberville.  If you hit the video twice and then get into the Akha Foundation account you can find all four videos plus videos in Weott and other Humboldt locations.  This link should take you straight to the list of uploads.  The Humboldt vids start somewhere around Day 40.  He does take some effort to focus on local details in his tour, while trying to integrate them into his theme.


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