Presentation & Slide Show by J. MICHAEL FAY, Wildlife Conservation Society biologist and National Geographic Society explorer-in-residence, and LINDSEY HOLM, conservationist and Redwood Region Transect Walker.

October 30, 2009 — 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Garberville Veteran’s Hall — 483 Conger Street

Mike and Lindsey’s 2000-mile trek from south to north through the entire extent of the Redwood Region is the subject of the current National Geographic cover story:  REDWOODS:  THE SUPER TREES

Redwood Forests are at an historic crossroads and in a time when society must chart a new model of relationship that has long-term economic, environmental, and social benefit.

Audio announcement transcript:

Mike Fay and Lindsay Holm hiked the whole Redwood Region, “The Redwood Transect”, from south to north — from Big Sur in California to the Chetco River watershed in Oregon — over 11 months, over 2000 miles.  Along the way they took over 60,000 photos and talked to the whole spectrum of folks in Redwood Country — with cordial cooperation from virtually every landowner, big and small.

Their trek is featured in the National Geographic Magazine article in the current October issue, titled, “Redwoods:  The Super trees”.  Mike is a Wildlife Conservation Society biologist and National Geographic Society explorer-in-residence.  He previously did an even longer transect hike across Africa for the Geographic Society which was in the magazine also.  Lindsey is a native of Blue Lake, California, and was featured in a front-page article last week in the Eureka Times-Standard.  She has virtually immersed herself in all matters pertaining to the North Coast Redwood Forests.  She has been a tree sitter, a student of the Forest Practice Act and Rules, received the Judi Bari award for her activism, and has made valuable contributions of her analytic skills to the Environmental Protection Information Center.

Having them make a slide presentation and hold a conversation with the Mateel Community about their adventure and outlook is a real privilege and honor.  This was only made possible in the last couple days and is sponsored by the Institute for Sustainable Forestry.  Short notice — but it’s this Friday, October 30th, at the Garberville Veteran’s Hall, from 6 to 8 p.m.  There will be a no-host bar & appetizers.  A $10 donation is requested.

This is an opportunity for the entire spectrum of persons interested in the Redwood Region to come together to reflect on the past history, current conditions, and future potential of the North Coast.  Mike and Lindsey’s trek transformed them and gave them some hope for the future — one with new and existing models of forest stewardship that can provide high quality economic, environmental, and social benefit.  Come to their presentation Friday, October 30th, 6 to 8 p.m. at the Garberville Veteran’s Hall, 483 Conger Street.  Come and converse.  Come and share in their experience and transformation.  Thank you.