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Harry Reid found himself a spine, or at least a mandate.  I was concerned that he was going to float it out just to have it shot down then pull out the trigger as the compromise for the Snowe job, but he’s not even asking the Congressional Budget Office to score the trigger option.  That suggests the trigger is history and that they have the votes for cloture.

He said that Snowe is afraid of the public option, but hopes she’ll come around.  Personally, I could care less.  Her vote doesn’t make the bill bipartisan. Adding to the irony is some quiet speculation that the opt-out idea originated in her Maine office.

Blanche Lincoln is sulking and making veiled threats, but nobody appears to be taking her seriously.  I haven’t seen any reference to comments from Baucus, Nelson, Lieberman, Landrieux, or Conrad.  Basically, Reid got fed up and won’t be providing cover to any weenie Democrats, not even Obama.  Let’s hope he can keep up the courage long enough.

Josh Marshal explains the opt-out provision.  It may be what saved the public option, and health care in general.

It hasn’t passed yet though.  Cautious optimism but continued pressure is in order.

Update: Baucus is in!

And here’s an interesting development.  Democrats are pushing for some of the reforms to come into effect in 2010 rather than 2013.  Once they’re married to it, they can’t diddle around with it.  Voters want to see results for the investment.

And for the final push, the public option is looking for a new name.  We’ve got the “consumer option” and the “competative option.”  Any others?

And really give Reid credit.  He may or may not have saved his political ass, but he came up to the plate to bat.  And it’s really not easy to deliver on promises as big as this one.  Great quote from his press conference:

“We always look for Republicans. It’s just a little hard to find them…I can count the moderate Republicans on two fingers.”

I just spent a little time surfing the news. Hardly anybody’s bothering to get comments from the Senate Republicans (except for Snowe who’s hiding out). I’m sure that’ll change soon enough.

Second update: Snowe is “disappointed.”

And a Reuters study indicates that the wasted spending in the existing health care system is about the equivalent of the projected cost of the reform.

Third update: According to Sen. Dick Durbin the public option will be in the Senate Bill because the progressives put their foot down.  Some were ready to sink the whole ship and start over.

Fourth update:  The Republican response is fairly predictable, except for the unusual sniping against Reid in particular.

“A primary reason Harry Reid is one of the most endangered incumbents facing re-election in either party next year is due to the fact that he is viewed by many of his constituents as a partisan bully. His decision to write a health care bill behind closed doors, bow to pressure from the far left, and ram this bill through the Senate will only further cement that negative image.”

The statement ignores a poll last week in which Nevadans regarded Reid as “weak.” (this week may change the perception). And Nevada is solidly behind the public option.

Fourth update: Here’s a list of pundits who were ready to perform last rites on the public option.

And apparently the White House, obsessed with keeping Snowe’s vote, wanted the trigger and isn’t too happy with Reid right now.

The Wearable Hummingbird Feeder. Only 80 bucks from

If I remember correctly, hummingbirds flap their wings over 70 times per second.  They also inspired the helicopter I’m told.  Why not bees?

Lots more about hummingbirds at their own website.

Thanks to Rohn for bringing my attention to this product.

The longer version – includes the origin of the concept.

The Institute for Sustainable Forestry will be hosting Mike Fay of National Geographic fame for his recent trek through the redwoods and associated reporting.  I believe it is set for this Friday, October 30 at the Veterans Hall in Garberville.  I will confirm the time, but I believe it starts at 6:00 p.m. and that food will be served.  $10.00 donation.

I will clarify or add information as I receive it.