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Buju Banton has his first ever meeting with gay community leaders.  Good for him.

California’s unemployment rates by area last year.

California’s unemployment rates by area this year.

Record income on Wallstreet this year.

From the Save Richardson Grove group:

Our battle against the forces that seek to open our area to unsustainable development continues.  New voices are speaking out and more direct actions are being taken.  Our thanks to Jeff and Lia of Forest Defenders and many others for organizing the recent Bike Ride to Richardson Grove and the protection ceremony held there. The Intertribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council has spoken out for the “no build” alternative and held an intertribal cultural event in the Grove this summer.  The time is nearing for the release of CALTRANS’ Final EIR and we need to mobilize our opposition.

October 24 is World Climate Action Day (see and Aliana Knapp-Prasek of Redway has stepped up to organize a gathering in Richardson Grove as our local contribution to the worldwide event.  A permit has been obtained for the picnic area located behind the restrooms.  The gathering is scheduled to take place at 2:00 PM and a group photo will be taken for as part of the worldwide show of support for climate action.  It is also hoped to have speakers participate.  A press release will appear in our local papers as details are finalized.

It would aid our efforts to show public opposition to the project if participants would create banners and/or signs to the effect that our planet cannot afford to damage these valuable trees.  For an excellent article on the importance of redwood trees and how they can store tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide, please see the October, 2009 edition of the National Geographic magazine or refer to their website.  We can help to save our planet by saving these trees, the surrounding environment, endangered species and our way of life from this disastrous project.  Keep the Redwood Curtain intact!